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Foto Patje


We build competition engines for BMW (types : s14 , s50, s52, s54, m10, m30, m50,...).

We produce different kinds of custom made engines on demand :

with high pressure pistons, sharp camshafts, lighter crankshaft, stiffer springs,...

We also provide the air intake manifold and exhaust manifold.

These engines are equipped with a new wiring loom and ecu which we program on the engine dyno.

We select components based on our experience and on the performance level you want to achieve.


Foto Patje


We are the official Benelux dealer of Samsonas Motorsport Transmissions. Samsonas produces motorsport dog leg gear kits, universal gearboxes, sequential gear kits and sequential RWD and AWD gearboxes. This is a very high quality product we are proud to distribute.

The gearboxes are easy to mount into your car. It's also possible to let the gearbox be installed at our workshop.

Next to delivering and distributing this product, we also do revisions of gearboxes at our workshop.

You can find an overview of the Samsonas products in our web shop.



For a BMW type E30 we change the front and rear suspension arms and drive train into a unibol system, which is a copy of Gr.A/DTM.

We also deliver complete subframe kits by the Finnish Rally Corsa Shop and adapted suspension parts. The front and rear kits are fully adjustable and light weighted. These kits give you the possibility to regulate your camber, caster and tow and they make your suspension stronger. They are suited for rally on gravel or tarmac and for circuit.


A complete new suspension system, with subframe and adjustable arms can be custom made on demand. 

Shock absorbers are available on demand. We deliver custom built dempers by Samsonas for tarmac rally or circuit.



We build complete new roll cages for all types of cars.

A propper built roll cage is key to decrease the hard impact in case of a crash. So it creates better safety. A second advantage is that a roll cage makes the chassis stiffer. This offers more speed.

Qvick Motors has a FIA certification for installing roll cages. As a base, we use cages by Costum Cages, these are made of high end materials and are FIA homologated. We weld the cages with precision and care of details.



No challenge is too hard for our team.


We have done some projects where we changed the body of the car completely. We also turned front wheel driven cars into rear wheel driven.

For our body work we have made a stock off polyester body kits, which can be found in our online store.


All parts are made of light weight fiber glass material and have an excellent fitment. So visit the online store to find out what we have for sale.



We work with open ecu systems to provide your engine with a new management.

These systems allow us to program every single type of engine on the dyno. We make a complete software for every specific engine. The system we use, is mostly by Carrot.

We install these "standalone" ecu's in the cars together with a complete new wiring loom that is custom made in the work shop. This gives you the possibility to connect and disconnect all components, data logging systems,... This makes your wiring professional and reliable.

The system is made to be compatible with the Aim Dash logging systems, Cartek Motorsport Electronics, Stack Displays,...



Every year, we participate in one or more championships. On race weekends, we run the full service of the crew, drivers and cars.

Our team uses new and professional equipment and all members are well trained and very ambitious. We also enjoy the assistment of BR Competion for the data logging and analyses.

In 2020 we compete together with VR Racing. We are active in the Belcar Endurance Championship, the Belcar Youngtimer Cup and we attend several international Historic Rallys. Find out more on our news page!




Currently we are busy with several restoration projects:

BMW E21 Group 5 Schnitzer Turbo :
The only BMW in history to ever win the prestigious German DRM championship, with the legendary driver Harald Ertl. 

Click here to read more about this project.

BMW 635 Csi :
Nurburgring winning car of Hartge Motorsport. 
This race car is under restauration at Qvick Motors.

Previously restorated :
BMW Group 2 ex Slaus, BMW STW BASTOS, 2nd place at 24hr Spa Francorchamps 1995, BMW E9 3.0cs.

Ramon van Overveld

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