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We build high quality cars for all kinds of circuit competitions. At the track, our professional team maintains and repairs the cars, assists and coaches the drivers and compares the logged data. During the race we define the strategy to get the highest position as possible. We have racing experience both in Belgium and abroad. 


Qvick Motors builds and maintains high performance cars for all sorts of rally competitions: from modern to historic cars. During the rally's our team gives technical support to the car and assists the driver/co-driver. We are active in the Belgian Championship and in international regularity competitions. 



Our workshop is located in the little Belgian town of Zevekote. It is situated in the center of Europe, close by the international airports of Ostend and Brussels. In our workshop our team builds, optimizes en maintains competition cars with the greatest care. We are also the exclusive Benelux dealer for all Samonas Transmissions and Rally Corsa Shop Suspensions.

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