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Qvick Motors was founded by the Belgian Erik Qvick. He started his career as a mechanic and a cart driver. Over the years he began to drive in several rally and circuit competitions, which resulted in some national championship titels. Also as a mechanic he focused more and more on competition cars. Until the point Qvick Motors became a well known high performance circuit and rally car deliverer. 


Since a couple of years Erik's son Kenzi stepped into the business too. Kenzi works as a mechanic in the workshop and on track. As a young driver, Kenzi has some circuit experience as well. He competed twice in the 24H of Zolder.


Qvick Motors is lucky to have a group of loyal drivers and volunteers. Without them, it would not be possible to achieve a good result. Their motivation and spirit is a very important keystone in our project. 


For already six years Qvick Motors works for VR Racing. During several races and rallys we have a close co-operation with Dirk and Tom Van Rompuy. We share the same passion for racing and every year we work on some exciting new projects together.


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