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One of the most iconic cars in racing history is making it's long awaited comeback. We're talking about the 1978's DRM winner: the BMW Group 5 E21.

During a long and intense process, the Belgian team of Qvick Motors carefully restored the legendary Group 5 E21-R1-26 back into it's very authentic state. 

Each detail has been taken care of. Even the victorious Sachs livery and Harald Ertl's name are now again decorating the body. 

Pictures on this page by Reinhard Klein

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If you're into historic cars, you're certainly familiar with the German national DRM championships. During the '70s, this championship was hot and happening. It was the event where professional race drivers and teams met up each year to decide who was the fastest, boldest and most successful one in the field.

The legendary BMW Schnitzer's team was one of the most fierce competitors in the game. Year after year, they lined up with some of the most iconic racing cars in history, such as the E21 Group 5, the low deck variant and the M1.

In 1978, Schnitzer made many BMW lovers' dream come true. They updated their self-constructed E21 Group 5 with a 1.4l turbo engine and put Harald Ertl behind the wheel of the Group 5 E21-R1-26. Wise decisions that resulted into the overall golden medal during that year's DRM championship. Both Schnitzer, Ertl and his car became legendary...

The year after that, in 1979, the E21-R1-26 said goodbye to Ertl and welcomed Manfred Winkelhock in the driver's seat. There was also a change of livery, giving the car a brand new look. The Sachs Sporting colors were removed and replaced by the red, blue and yellow of new main sponsor Rodenstock.


Winkelhock secured two races that season, but bit by bit, the newer BMW low deck generation was gaining importance within the Schnitzer team and Winkelhock was transferred into this upcoming car.

In 1980, the beloved E21-R1-26 moved to Asia. There the Group 5 competed in Macau, gaining victory with driver Hans Stuck. The two following years resulted in a seventh and fourth place overall with Francis Cheung behind the wheel.

After this international adventure, something remarkable happened: the E21-R1-26 was sold and found a new owner in Ian Grey. Until 1996, Grey drove the car himself and participated in races in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

Ultimately, the '78 DRM winner left the racing scene in '97.

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