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Pictures on this page by Ramon van Overveld, Michael Raush, Speedhunters, Marc Boels, GK media 66, Johan Ingels, De Laat foto and Reinhard Klein.


Dreaming about your own DRM legend? The Belgian team Qvick Motors is currently building a limited series of 5 exact replicas of the BMW Group 5 E21 Schnitzer Turbo that won the prestigious DRM championship in 1978, with Harald Ertl.

These true collector's items are real eyecatchers. And thanks to the FIA HTP pass you can compete with them during several official events around the world.

Fully based on the original car
To start with, Qvick Motors carefully restored the original BMW Group 5 E21-R1-26 and put it back into it's very authentic state. Even the victorious Sachs livery is now again decorating the body.
All 5 replicas will be exact copies of the original one - into the smallest detail.

The replica project so far
The first replica, with chassis number E21-QM-01, is currently up and running.

It has been tested thoroughly. And it participated at the 2022 editions of Spa Classic, Nürbürgring Oldtimer Grand Prix, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Le Mans Classic and Spa 6 hours.

The replica proved to be very reliable and highly competitive.
5 unique replicas
We've started building the second exact replica, with chassis number E21-QM-02. And the mechanical parts for the following replicas are already in stock.

Each replica will carry a historic livery, which decorated the original Schnitzer cars, back in the days:
  • E21-QM-01: Würth-Rodenstock
  • E21-QM-02: Warsteiner
  • E21-QM-03: John Player Special
  • E21-QM-04: Dunhill
  • E21-QM-05: Sachs

FIA HTP pass
Each replica is as true as possible to the state the original car was in, when it won the DRM championship in 1978. Thanks to this precision work, each car will have a FIA HTP pass.

Although we did make some small changes to the original state, due to safety measures (fuel system and roll cage, which was constructed in aluminium back in the days).

The engine was built with brand new pieces, such as new cast cylinder heads. Every weakness that existed in the past, was tackled.

Thanks to the FIA HTP pass, you can compete at several official events worldwide.

Form the Nürbürgring Oldtimer Grand Prix and the Peter Auto events ... till the DRM revival categories at Tourenwagen Classics, DTM Classic ...

Delivery times
Are you interested in your own unique BMW Group 5? The current delivery times are as follows:
  • E21-QM-01: available
  • E21-QM-02: 6-10 months
  • E21-QM-03: 6-10 months
  • E21-QM-04: to be determined
  • E21-QM-05: to be determined

List of options
Would you like a package of spare parts? Every part can be constructed or delivered by Qvick Motors.

Note: this service only applies to our own limited series of replicas and to original Group 5 cars.

More information
Do you wish to receive additional information? Or would you like to come and see the replicas?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with a detailed brochure and e-mail updates.

Follow or Instagram and Facebook pages to see the progress we're making on our replica project.


Spec A: 1978, Harald Ertl
Engine 20-4 Schnitzer Turbo

1978 front aerodynamics (splitter and front wings)

Spec B: 1979, Manfred Winkelhock

Engine 20-4 Schnitzer Turbo

1979 front aerodynamics (splitter and front wings)

Spec C: 1980, Hans Stuck, Macau

Engine BMW Motorsport M12 n/a

1978 front aerodynamics (splitter and front wings)

Other liveries can be chosen as well. 



Bolt in period correct FIA roll cage
Merin 100lt FIA approved fuel cell
Recaro pole position seat
Life line manual fire system
6 point belts


16inch front wheels
18inch rear wheels
Bilstein shock absorbers
AP Racing ‘79 spec brake calipers


20/4 or M12 turbo engine
5speed dog leg gearbox
Full locked differential
Analog instruments
Electronic ignition management
Professional engine wiring loom
Bosch kuchelfischer
4 side radiators
KKK Turbo charger (20/4)
Electronic boost regulator (20/4)
High performance intercooler (20/4)



Other specs:

FIA HTP homologation pass
490 bhp
450 nm


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