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This Samsonas kit contains a 4 & 5 speed (plus reverse) full sequential gearbox with a solid aluminim case. It has a transfer or reduction gear. Also included are: special steel X300 clutch shaft, straight cut teeth, 5 dogs design. Big range of different clutch shafts and bell houses like for Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Mazda, Opel, Volvo, Subaru,...


The dry weight is 40 kg. Suited for drift, drag, rally raid, rally cross, circuit.

The gear box can be adapted to any engine, can be moved backwards if requested so and has an internal oil spray system. It had billet cnc machined aluminium casings. 


There are extra costs for including a transfer case (on demand), a complete gear lever (€ 620), a KA cut sensor (€ 480), a gear display (€ 155) and a gear position sensor (€ 110).


Prices are excl. VAT.
Delivery time on demand.

    I      2.833     2.500      2.833      2.500
    II     2.000     1.764      1.833      1.764
    III    1.556     1.364       1.364     1.286
    IV    1.300     1.136      1.087      1.000
    V     1.136     0.962      0.893      0.833

9.100,00 €Price
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