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    Fully adjustable all cromo race front suspension for Opel Ascona/Manta B and Vauxhall Cavalier. All cromo tube setup, CNC turned and lasercut parts. Powdercoated and when required, a production certificate will be delivered. 


    With this setup you can adjust all angles, including caster by moving whole top arm frontwards or backwards. Fits to original bodybrackets. Includes reducers for 12mm bolts and aluminium hats for original bracket width. Tension bar shape allows most of the race wheels without limiting the maximum steering angle more than original arms.


    Also available as PRO version with fully in place adjustable rosejoints. 



    TCA cromo rosejoint on body side and cromo spherical on tire side.

    Tireside joint with coned shaft for knuckle mount.

    Springplate can be chosen from various options.

    Original antirollbar bracket.

    Reaction/tensionbar has M18x1.5 cromo joint for body mount.

    Top arm with cromo joints on bodyside and cromo spherical on tire side. 

    Top arm tire side jount with coned shaft for original knuckle mounting.

    Top arm has welded surface with threads for your own shock brackets, so you can fit in any shock absorber. 


    Produced by Rally Corsa Shop and exclusively sold in the Benelux by Qvick Motors.


    Prices are excl. VAT.

    Delivery time on demand.

      1.253,00 €Price
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