Marcs Car version 1 (V8) with the case of a BMW M2 Racing.

    The car was built in 2014 by Marc Cars and had Mazda body work. The chassis number is IMOLA.

    We rebuilt the car completely in 2016 (January) and changed the body work to a BMW 2-series F22.

    Currently we are rebuilding all mechanical parts so that the car will be ready to drive a complete championship: gearbox, engine 5.0lt rebuild (with new pistons,bearings,distribution,...), complete probshaft, all rose joints bolts from the suspension are new, brake disc in front, exhaust manifold left and right, new set airjacks Crontech.


    The car has a Recaro seat that's valid untill 2024, a 120lt fuel cell that's valid untill June 2020, a fire system that is valid untill January 2020 and Sabelt seat belts which are valid untill 2020. Inside the car there is a Mylap transponder.
    With the car you will receive the following parts in spare: complete front, splitter, crashbox, radiator water, oil air intake cooling, complete body work, doors left and right, front fenders, back fenders, complete set new wheel arges, bonnet front, back bonnet, front bumper, rear bumper.


    The car includes a new chrash box back frame, a total of 20 rims (16 spare), a spare exhaust silencer, an extra side silencer (100db), a complete probshaft (3.650km), a spare drive shaft set (3.650km), front brake discs and center bells, a package of new brake pads (Pagid, Winmax, Brembo), a set of 2 new rocker arms and a new set inside wheel arges carbon.


    This price also includes a complete set shock absorbers (Tractive) of which you can change the settings while driving. Also included are a set of two upper front wishbones and lots of small bits and parts.

    The car can be tested on a Belgian race track after the closing of a deal.

    Prices are excl. VAT. 

      150.000,00 €Prijs