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BMW M3 E30

BMW M3 E30

This Samsonas gear kit is designed for the BMW E30 s14 in the Getrag 265 casing. 

It's the not homologated  Group A which has different ratio and more solid reverse.

For this gear kit we need to receive one original gearbox, we will use the casing to fit the kit inside.


This gearkit is made with straight cut profile teeth for minimum rolling resistance and maximum strength.

The dog rings are made with 5 dogs to make gear shifting on high revs easy and smooth.

All controlling parts are made from billet steel for maximum reability.


Prices are excl. VAT.

Delivery time on demand.


    1. 2.615
    2. 1.938
    3. 1.563
    4. 1.316
    5. 1.136
    6. 1.000
5.400,00 €Price
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