BMW E46 rally/race front suspension arm kit. Complete kit with all nuts and bolts for assambly. You only need two extra mounting threads to the rear brackets, just like DTM cars had. All welded parts are made from cromo 4130, except the rear bracket which is made out of S355 steel. All machined parts are Finnish cromo MOC 410, which is very strong.



    Cromo front track controlarm with rosejoint on body side and spherical on wheel side. In-place adjuster.

    Wheelside mounting with shaft and nylock nuts.

    Cromo tension arm with stiff-joint on TCA side, rosejoint on body side. In-place adjuster.

    Rear bracket, drawn on CAD, lasercut from S355 steel. 

    Xbrace side bolt on billet bracket MOC 410.

    For all rosejoints you get reducers down to 12mm bolt.

    Mounting hardware, thread screws with nylock nuts.


    TCA/Tension arm/rear bracket are powdercoated. All other parts are electroplated.

    A production certificate for MOT inspection is delivered with the kit.


    Prices are excl. VAT.

    Delivery time on demand.


      Not suited for the E46 M3 which has a larger pin cone. 

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