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As the Belcar Season goes on, we headed out to Zolder again last weekend for race number three. The competition was fierce as a lot of Normas and Lamborghinis were present. During qualifying our team assured tenth position. But what happened during the race was even better. "Driver John Rasse made a very good start and climbed the ranking. Meanwhile the team was constantly at watch, waiting for the perfect moment to make a pit stop. After an hour of racing, the safety car came on the track and we grabbed that chance. Driver Tom Van Rompuy took place behind the steering wheel after a smooth pit stop. For quite some time he was driving in second position overall", tells a proud Erik Qvick. "We knew we still had to make one pit stop while some other cars didn't. So we were going to lose some places again. But thanks to another safety car at the right moment we didn't lose that much time. We got in fourth place overall by the time I was driving, first in our class. But a few minutes before the checkered flag ended the race, the car in front of us faced some problems and was forced to quit. So at once, we went up to third place overall, maintaining the victory in our class. What a race!"


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