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The penultimate race of the 2019’s Belcar Season brought us to Zolder, for one of the most rainy races of the year. It was a huge challenge but the team managed to deliver an excellent performance. The Marc’s V8 brought home the overall silver medal!

After qualifying, the Ford Mustang Marc’s Car II V8 obtained the 9th position on the starting grid. From the very start, rain was dominating the race. “There was a lot of water on the track and therefore a lot of incidents happened”, recalls Erik Qvick. “John Rasse was first to take place behind the wheel. He kept good pace and managed to overtake some Norma’s, which are normally very fast but the rain played them parts. Quite fast, there was a first safety car. We then decided to make our first obligatory pit stop, which turned out to be a very good strategical decision. After more than an hour of racing, we were quite up front.”

A second safety car, an hour before the finish, created the perfect opportunity to change drivers. Tom Van Rompuy took place behind the wheel and was then fighting for second position in general. “The SA Cars Tuning Lease Porsche was going super strong but bit by bit, we were getting closer. At the same time, the Derdaele Lamborghini was approaching us. So we really had to fight to maintain or improve our position. Tom eventually overtook the Porsche and was leading the race. A fantastic moment! But Derdaele was getting closer. Eventually, we had to clear the way for the Lamborghini to pass. We didn’t win but this overall silver medal is one of the biggest successes we achieved with our car. I’m very proud of our team and drivers!”, says a proud Erik Qvick.

Qvick-VR Racing is currently fifth in the overall rankings and second in class. The last race, at the track of Assen, will determine the outcome of this season. So cross your fingers and follow the Qvick Motors and VR Racing Facebook pages for more news.


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