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Past weekend, our team achieved second and third place in class during the first two races of the new Belcar Season. What a result!

Last weekend, almost 50 cars showed up at the start grid of the new Belcar Season. The first race took place on Saturday. After qualifications, driver Erik Qvick was starting from twelfth position in general. Due to the crash of two Lamborghini's some strong competitors lost field and a place in top three was up for grabs. "Both drivers and all team members went all in. Our fighting spirit was high and after the pilot change it was John Rasse who finished second in his class, ending up sixth in general and leaving some fast prototype cars behind. A great start of the season!", says Erik Qvick. Only team EMG's Lamborghini couldn't be overtaken, they won the class' gold medal.

Day two brought some very bead weather conditions. A challenge for our team as the Mustang had not been tested yet under wet circumstances. Driver Tom Van Rompuy took place behind the wheel. The first lap already brought the safety car to the track. The team decided to make the obligated pit stop right away so that driver Tom could stay on the circuit as for the rest of the race. After this pit stop, Tom fought hard and managed to take the bronze medal in the class. Overall, the team achieved tenth place in this second Belcar race.

And as if that's not enough, driver Dirk Van Rompuy delivered strong during the Touring Wagen Classics. With his BMW E30 he competed against some old legendary DTM cars. "During the qualification, Dirk went very strong, holding off some fast classic DTM cars. He managed to keep his position and he gained a fourth place here", Erik Qvick tells. On race day, a storm made the organisation postpone the race for half an hour. But when the cars started, the track was still very wet. This lead up to some minor crashes. Driver Dirk Van Rompuy drove a very steady race and finished ninth overall.


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