The Mitsubishi EVO is a great rally car. To get more grip and to create better handling, the car is often lowered. But then the factory designed kinematics don't work as they are supposed to. This suspension kit brings the roll center, bumpsteer, anti-squat and camber curve back to normal range. It provides better roll stiffness, better handling and better grip.


    The components are light weighted and save up to 15kg over original components, while still remaining the required strenght and stiffness. 


    The rear camber adjustment is very easy to use, even at the track. It's also possible to adjust the bumpsteer at the upright. 


    If standard wheels are used, there are no modifications needed to the chassis. If the wheels are wider to the outsidesome bodywork will have to be done. This is not included in the price. 


    This kit includes: pre-set suspension links and knuckles with hardware.


    Prices are excl. VAT.
    Delivery time: 3 weeks after order.
      2.700,00 €Prijs