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    This Samsonas kit contains a 5 speed (plus reverse) full sequential gearbox with a solid aluminim case. It has a transfer or reduction gear. The torque rating goes up to 1.400 Nm, depending on the options.

    Also included are: special steel X300 clutch shaft, straight cut teeth, 5 dogs design.


    The gearbox is designed for Nissan GTR R32/R33/R34.
    The dry weight is 38 kg. To be used for drift, drag, rally, rally raid, rally cross and circuit.


    Bellhousings and clutchshafts can be ordered on demand, there is an extra cost - the exact amount depends on the car. These items are easily interchangeable between the Sequential and H pattern.
    There are extra costs for including a transfer case (on demand), a cut sensor (€ 480), a display (€ 155) and a potentiometer (€ 110).


    Prices are excl. VAT.Delivery time: 3 weeks after order.
    Delivery time on demand.
    • RATIO

      Ratio and transfer gears see picture.

    10.400,00 €Price
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